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Are You Spiritual or Worldly Religious?

How to live according to your power, and not the teachings of the world alone Realizing the thoughts, you think, and the words you use will provide you with a more in-depth look into why your life is producing the reality you see before you….

Change Your Mind

Change your mind, how do you ask? I say by simply deciding to do so. Change your mind. Its impossible you say but no, it’s not impossible. All things are possible within you and me. The question is, do you believe it’s possible? Your belief is key. Where there isn’t any belief, there isn’t any power you see. Change your mind it’s for the best. What we create comes from our precepts. Precepts that were learned and accepted by us continue to recirculate and condemn us.  Are we living according to a new or an old belief system? Are your precepts keeping you accepting, loving and understanding or causing strife, condemnation and separation among you? If you’re in a state of unhappiness I say the latter is true.

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