Are You Spiritual or Worldly Religious?

How to live according to your power, and not the teachings of the world alone

Realizing the thoughts, you think, and the words you use will provide you with a more in-depth look into why your life is producing the reality you see before you. Looking for respite outside of yourself alone, helps you to stay lost, broken, and confused. It is what’s on the inside of you that makes you reactive to life, and the way you create both positively and negatively. After all, the bible does say you’ll know someone by their fruit (the lightness of their love or the heaviness of the bitterness and fear carried in their hearts). Matthew 7:16

Once lost, broken, and confused, you turn against yourself, sabotaging your own life while placing blame on everyone else. There is no reason to blame; it doesn’t help or undo anything. There is reason to acknowledge inner wisdom to know yourself in a renewed way. Turn your attention from all offense by recognizing the source that sustains your life. Living an existence that is only behavior-driven indicates you have adopted the beliefs of the world, thus turning against your inner guide and truth, the God and Goddess within you.

Turning against yourself signals a false illusion and gives off a sense of entrapment when you are already free. This illusion also makes you feel alone and not very powerful to make necessary moves to embody a new you. If you forget who you are, your light begins to dull, and hope is gone. Do not get lost in darkness, shine bright, and be a witness to the greatness sustaining you. You are enough and will do great things when you take your attention from the teachings of this world and place your focus on where your heart is.

Your heart is the pathway to all things extraordinary. When your heart is damaged, your refusal to see things differently keeps you a prisoner to your past. Don’t look to the conditions, obligations, or thought processes you’ve become conditioned to, reinforcing debilitating beliefs in all who aren’t fitting the mold of society. The worldly religious entices you with empty sources of happiness, leading to overconsumption, assumption and conflict, the next big thing, and control leading to further destruction within the minds of many.

You are not of the world. You are in it. Bring about new things. Have you ever heard the saying that where your attention goes, your energy flows? This statement, although simple, holds a powerful truth that many people seem to overlook. Overlooking this truth has caused a substantial amount of damage to ourselves and the world on a collective level. We bleed out into the world and provide not our love but our confusion, discontentment, and pain. The only way to true love is to know, thy self first. To know yourself is to accept yourself fully, not based on condition. You are not your circumstances, fears, or doubts. You aren’t your family dynamic, sexuality, or the job you do. Dig deep, learn to understand yourself, and honor your entire being.

As you understand yourself further, you’ll discover the love you hold is, in fact, unfounded on good deeds or faults but unconditional. Your ability to forgive yourself and other people is the only pathway to know love profoundly on an intimate level. Subsequently, the connection allows you to both give of yourself and receive in abundance.

It is no longer necessary for you to gain the acceptance and approval of others to know your worth. You now see within yourself, your existence on this planet makes you indispensable, and that alone is proof that you are worthy of being you, authentically. Yes, you are deserving of great things. Now, not when you have learned how to behave correctly.

It is the teachings of the world, combined with religion that indicate rewards are based on behavior and works alone. Faith is the force behind your bounty when all doubt ceases to exist. Perfection is possible only when you align with universal wisdom, surrendered awareness, and love. The ego who wishes to look like the master and perfector of life separately from the source that gives life needs to be brought back into the alignment which knows there is not nor has there ever been separation from your truth. You’ve inherited the whole world the moment you entered into it but also programmed to believe you have to conform to the world’s way of doing things before you can embrace what’s already yours. Not true.

Be open-minded, humble, and fearless when it comes to uncovering the steps necessary to unfold your destiny.

You are more than what you think, feel, and believe. Remind yourself of this fact every day while placing your intention on your desired change. Holding onto pain and judgment warps your perception of yourself and other people. Refusing to deal with your pain restricts your energetic field, producing guilt and bitterness to live on the inside of your heart. Instead of dealing with the darkness that festers, you tuck it and become reactive, turning away, not embracing opportunities that come your way. Becoming frustrated, angered, and closed-mind, living your life based on logic alone, you become inhibited from embracing the surprises the universe wishes to unfold for you. Know you are more significant than rules and religion. Your inner truth is the source of love, abundance, and the link to your unlimited potential — the ultimate guide. Uncover the unfoldment of your destiny effortlessly, by throwing your attachment to your old thought process away. When you choose to do this, you feel bliss, safe, secure, and optimistic. You are now standing on a foundation strong enough to produce greatness based on faith, not deed alone.

Turning against this truth entraps you and makes you a slave to your past, distorting your ability to create a new future for yourself right now. You do not have to wait until you hold a coveted position, have a perfect relationship or specific dollar amount before you are free to embrace a life that’s meaningful to you. Do what is pleasing to your heart now.

How do you determine if you’re in alignment with your heart’s desires is to ask yourself questions. Here are a few examples.

Am I restricting myself by allowing nonsense to weigh me down with perceived failures of the past, or are have I decided to rise above through awareness, knowledge, and understanding of my true potential?

Am I choosing the remembrance of sovereignty, made available to me through the source of love and unbounded awareness? Or am I holding onto the views of ego, which cause separation and confusion, based on judgments and logic alone?

Am I listening to the gentle whispers of the spirit, which tells me that now is the time for me to reclaim for myself a life I love, propelling me to uncover my destiny in truth, adoration, and fearlessness?

The time is now to wake up and remember where your source of power is

Your life isn’t merely for the production of revenue alone. Your journey is also a spiritual one. Your spiritual side is what sustains you and gives you the desires of your heart. Your divine essence knows how important you are, in spirit and truth. The Gods and Goddess’ in you are nudging you to pay attention to your inner voice of truth in love.

Your ability to be firmly rooted in your creator isn’t lost or stolen, nonetheless forgotten. Knowing where you place your focus and intention, moment by moment, is one of the first keys in your transformational journey. After all, the power of life and death is in your mind and your heart. Within you are the choice of love, happiness, and abundance, which speaks to the very essence of the life that sustains you, unlimited potential. Likewise, within you is the choice of death, experiences of lack, fear, and unhappiness. Remember, you are loved just the way you are. Rich or poor. Right or wrong, you have your destiny to fulfill. Your life isn’t coincidental at all. It is now time to uncover your power and create experiences with boldness, confidence, and intention. Live purposely and with single-mindedness. Know thy self fully.

What you circulate mentally and emotionally — are your prayers to the universe, and you will get what you ask. Ask yourself candidly what you’ve fed your soul with; Abundance or lack, discord, or unity? Your reality depends on you, choose wisely. The law of karma allows you to receive what you produce from your heart; therefore, govern yourself, that alone is your job.

Refuse to stand on lies that indicate unworthiness and enter into your truth of lavishness. It is your inheritance to shine like the whole universe is yours, because it is. Unlimted opportunities are before you, but you must relinquish your control and allow it to unfold for you. Everything you can dream also holds with it the potential to become your reality. Shine your light bright and become one with the source of life that is within you. Allow universal wisdom to surprise you with the details. All you need to do is create, believe, and release then watch as your actions unfold in the language your heart speaks.

For years you’ve decided God was beyond your reach; conversely, God has always been in your heart, calling out your name. The time has come for you to wake up and claim your victory once and for all. The power behind your prayer is in the knowing. Throw all doubt away.

You create reality when your thoughts and heart match the same frequency. Once the two merge and become one — your energy attracts the life you see before you.

Universal intelligence responds to you based on the energetic field you circulate. In other words, what you get in life is linked to your innermost held beliefs and your behavior. If you’re unhappy, you’ve believed in things that you don’t want, things that cause you to suffer. For a frequency of bliss, a change in the heart must take place first. Your power to create life in humility and love is your decision alone. Doubt and judgment are forms of separation, not alignment with the source. Becoming conflicted and carrying limited beliefs must be free from you if you’re going to help yourself overturn restricting beliefs. It is open-mindedness, not attachments, that open up to your blessings.

In closing, all possibilities are within you — both the thoughts you want and the ones you don’t have the same potential. Focus your attention only on what you wish to see, intentionally. Moreover, you hold power to reject ideas that don’t make you feel good too. Choose thoughts that align with your truth, which is unbounded love. And then move forward to create life in a meaningful way. Our thoughts can control our feelings, but only when we don’t pay attention to what it is, we are thinking.

Your emotional frequency plays a big part in your reactivity in life. Long story short, to change your life, start with examining your heart first. Are you in alignment with your source who created all things with goodness, or have you become worldly religious dictating your worth on your deeds and perceived faults? The world’s views tell you you are wrong at every turn, but God said all things were good, and that is the foundation that points to love.

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