Meditation Transformation

Freedom From Fear

Fear not for I am with you

Fear – False Evidence Appearing Real

Fear is an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain or a threat. Being fearful is deciding the view you hold about the danger is, in fact, real. In all actuality, fear, when held unnecessarily, can become harmful to you and others.

In the world we live in today, people tend to walk around with memories and circumstances of their past. They then react to new situations as though it was the old individual and or condition that caused the pain to begin with; Living life in this way helps recreate new pain and sabotage new blessings.

What do I mean by this, well I’ll use myself, for instance, I know pain, more personally than I’d like to admit, however, what I now realize is this: Life happens for you – When pain arises it’s to show you something, teach you something at that moment. Fear isn’t something you hold onto as a crutch or protection mechanism. 

Back when I lived in fear, I thought I was protecting myself, but I was not. The memories, thoughts, and pain that produced anxious and fearful emotions on the inside of me kept me in situations that perpetuated those experiences. In other words, I got just what I felt day in and day out. 

Fear had also spilled into other areas of my life. My finances were depleting because I would be afraid that they would, and so, they did. I would get involved with people who were also fearful, and together we created toxicity. Living in fear also helps to keep you in a wishful state. 

You find yourself always wishing for better days, more money, and a better partner, wishing away life. The fear kept me stuck. I wasn’t able to see straight and couldn’t take it anymore.

Fear – False Evidence Appearing Real is one of the main tricks you can play against yourself. Fear is debilitating and has no control outside of the power you give it. 

If the power of God is with you, who/what can be against you?

The bible


Fear had no control over me. Fear has no control over you either.  

Fear Not for the power of God is in you.

Will you use your power for harm or good?

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