“Why Me?”

Have you ever asked yourself, “why me”? I have. I now ask myself, “Why not me?” When I think back to when I’ve asked myself, “Why me?” I was in a space where I felt powerless to make any substantial change. Asking myself that question only helped me to trade my inner power for the victimization of self. Placing myself in a victimized mental state with repetitive closed-ended questioning drained me of my energy.

It’s not that I desired to think like this or feel this way, but I honestly didn’t know how to think any differently. It was tough for me to create the life I wanted while continuing in the same beliefs. I got fed up and decided to ask the question a different way. I began to pose the problem in a new way. That helped position me to open up my mind to perceive things in a way that worked for me, not against me.

Changing the way I asked this question, empowered me to become an active participant in life. I started asking myself, “Why not me?” This new style of how I examined the question, positioned me to look at things transparently and in a matter of fact kind of way. In this new space, my ability to go from victim to victor happened very quickly. When I changed my perception, I changed my life.

If I am not pleased with my current version of reality, I still ask myself, “Why not me,”? I do this because I must recognize the role that I play in my life, as well as the lives of others around me. If I need to make changes, so be it. At that point, instead of beating myself up or feeling bad about my circumstances, I take action in pursuing the steps necessary for the change I wish to create. In doing so, I enforce the transformation effortlessly. I can choose to be a victim, or I can be victorious in all things. So, why not me?

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