How Do I Forgive You

How do I forgive you – you’ve caused so much pain. How do I forgive when each time I look at you, I am forced to relive the pain? Pain caused from now and back then, how could you truly call yourself my friend? How do I forgive you – when you’ve promised to be your best you, but this continues to be untrue. How do I forgive you when all you see is a means to an end, through me? How do I forgive you when you fail to acknowledge the pain that you continue to cause me, pain from judgments, or talk of how you think I should be. How do I forgive you, yet you can’t hear me? How do I forgive you when it seems your main desire is to persecute and condemn me. How do I forgive you – you smile in my face, but talk behind my back. How can you really think you’re helping me like that? Forgiveness is necessary and vital, this is true, but how can I forgive a person who has no loyalty in this very truth.

The only thing you see is your opinion of me. You can’t possibly know all the pain that I feel within me. Pain from misuse and abuse, pain from my parents too. Pain from the misunderstandings of this world; Pain from being at one time or another both boy and girl. Pain from abuse, emotional and physical, how can I continue to live in a world so cynical?

Yet and still I know, that I am to forgive. Lets see how and where do I start? I can start by remembering you are only the affects of what grows in your heart. So, it is my duty to remain in that truth and continue to forgive and love you too. But if you choose to continue to harden your heart and hurt me, this simply means there is no truth in you yet, to be seen. You are walking in darkness and if continue on, I will be walking in darkness with you and no longer have a foundation to stand on. I must walk away once I am aware of this fact because my pain runs too deep to allow this type of emotional attack.

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