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The Importance of Self Love

People who learn to accept unworthiness and disapproval dislike themselves and other people more times than not. This disapproval causes conflict within the heart. The battle occurs since it goes against the nature of who you are at your core. At the core of everyone’s heart is the source of the universe, which knows no separation or division. Turning against this truth is turning against yourself and is the cause of conflict, anger, hatred, and so on. People, however, feel stimuli outside themselves to be the culprit of discord, but it is not. The friction is from the nature of the individual’s heart.

Adversity and Emotion

No matter who you are and what you do in life, you will face adversity at some point. Usually, adversity brings about the automatic response of frustration, anger, and blame. Emotions like this don’t feel right and lead to suffering. Sometimes the emotional response happens so fast you don’t know how you got there or how to pull yourself out.

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